Hi guys,

Now it’s been 4 years since I live in Kalpitiya and that´s because it´s a great spot for kitesurfing. I am really fed up of reading everywhere that kalpitiya is very gusty. People who says that KAlpitiya is gusty is because they have been only in the KAlpitiya lagoon. The peninsula of Kalpitiya is more than 100 Km large and there is good wind everywhere.

It is true that in kalpitiya lagoon, during the summer season, the wind is coming from a huge coconut tree area that can affects the wind , however it is still great comparing other spots! Also, from December to end-Febrary-beg March, it is a thermic wind and it is coming directly from the ocean so it is super steady wind!

Last summer season was great comparing 2016, especially during the months of May and June. During July, August and September we also had good wind but in August we have been 5 days without any wind. There was also one week in July with very light wind, so I had to use my 17 m kite.
A part from these days, most of the time I used my Airush union 10 meters kite (18-20 knots), and in May and June I had to use my 7 meters kite during some days (25 knots). (I am 75 Kg )

A part from the main kitesufing spot located in KAlpitiya lagoon, there are other kitesurfing spots with SUPER GOOD WIND
This year I was doing downwinds with friends and clients almost every day. I normally start from Kalpitiya town or from the Dream spot and we go to many islands where the wind is great. Sometimes we do 1 h downwinds or up to 3h!

Here you have all the spots that I go very often:

* Vella Island

Vella Island (paradise island) is located 45 min by boat from Kalpitiya and it is the perfect island for kitesurfing! Probably one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world! BECAREFUL BEGINNERS, OFF SHORE WIND, NEED SAFETY BOAT
Sometimes I do downinds from Kalpitiya to Vella Island (3h), however I rather recommend to go vella by boat …

* Dream spot

Only 25 minutes by boat from Kalpitiya, the dream spot is located on the “Dutch bay”, where the wind is very steady. There, there is narrow strip of sand that separates the ocean and the Puttalam lagoon. In the lagoon there is flat and shallow water with side shore wind.

I also do downwinds from Kalpitiya to the Dream spot by the ocean. During summer season, the ocean is very rough so when we do downwinds, the safety boat can not come with us. However, it is safe to ride on the ocean as there are always onshore winds

* Puttalam lagoon islands

There are many islands on the vast Puttalam lagoon, also with flat and shallow water. I usually end up in one of these islands for my downwinds

* Donkey Point

There are probably no other places in kalpitiya where the wind is so strong and steady as it is on the Donkey point. This spot is located in a cape where you can kite on the ocean. When there is light wind, the donkey point is where I go because here the wind is a little bit stronger than in the lagoon

* Kappaladi lagoon

Small lagoon with very steady wind. Flat and shallow water located only 30 min by vehicle from Kalpitiya. We normally go there either by tuk tuk or motorbike

My place is a small lodge-kite center called Margarita Village (
However, in terms of accommodation, here you have the best places that I can recommend and they also organize downwinds and trips very easily. If you stay in one of them it means that you have chosen well

FACING DIRECTLY THE KALPITIYA LAGOON: Ruuk Village, Sri Lanka kite school, The rascals, Valampuri resort and Sund wind Beach

FACING THE OCEAN: Kitesurfing lanka, Horizon hotel, Surpoint Sri Lanka

Do not expect Kalpitiya with a lot of nightlife and parties. For the moment there is only one place where you can enjoy good music, food and drinks called Lak Laguna bar, with Jessen and Mitch that there are very nice guys and make good parties

Ruben :bye: :bye: :bye: :bye: :bye: :bye: :bye: :bye: :bye:



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Ruben Gomez

If you are looking for the perfect place to master kitesurfing, look no more. Margarita Village kitesurf camp is located in Kalpitiya, the North West province, and is the main spot for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. In this kitesurf camp, you will learn to kitesurf in one of the best, most beautiful spotsin the world! Located in a rural area, you will live side by side with the local people, which you will find friendly, welcoming and hospital. You will have the opportunity to enter into the Wilpattu National park, by boat, to discover the beauty of this park from the river shore. Our staff consist of profession IKO certified teachers and our equipment is due to the highest standards. We provide a various range of offers, to all level of kitesurfers. Our skilled staff will be with you from beginner to advanced. Rentals are possible. We also provide free storage of your own equipment. We offer boat rescue and support.

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